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Counterstake Bridge

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Brief description of the bridge

Counterstake is a fully decentralized cross-chain transfer protocol. There are no admins, no central operators, no owners, no custodians. Participation in the protocol is open, there are no designated multisig participants, federated signers, or threshold signatures. All transfers are direct, there are no central hubs or relays. No token is required to use the protocol. There are no protocol fees. The code is immutable, not upgradable, unstoppable. There are no access controls, no gatekeepers, no KYC, no your customer.

Supported currencies

Bridge overview

Counterstake is a bridge for transferring tokens between various networks in a permissionless way. Adding new bridgeable tokens is also fully permissionless

Audits and Exploits

Audit by Dedaub.


There are no limits.

Bridge Token

No bridge token is required to use the bridge but the team plans to issue a token that would reflect the success of the protocol.

What is Obyte?

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