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Bridge Developer: LayerZero

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Brief description of the bridge

Based on pure mathematical algorithm, Trantor is an inter-chain NFT message infrastructure. Any Web3 user can safely use it to bridge their NFT assets in each chain without any validator. Besides, we propose a fuse mechanism to implement multiple security measures to ensure the safety of assets. So far, we have been able to support the transmission of native NFT in various EVM chains, including but not limited to BSC, OP, ETH and so on. Next, Trantor is still committed to developing more inter-chain asset message channels. Thus, Trantor is not only a general NFT interoperability protocol, but also an important part of communication in the web3 ecosystem.

Supported currencies

Smart Contracts

Polygon Mumbai Testnet: 0x98dBdAC408484290E4eDFbe2E94b5a3122eFFA0d

Binance Smart Chain Testnet: 0x196b971F13165351aeA89e1C84DE6597354f3deA

What is Polygon Mumbai TESTNET?

Mumbai Testnet replicates the Polygon Mainnet and is used for testing. Users can obtain testnet tokens from the faucet. Testnet tokens are valueless and are different from value-bearing assets like MATIC. This allows developers or network maintainers to test configurations and experiment implementations.

What is Binance Smart Chain TESTNET?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet is an environment in which one can test Dapps on BSC. It is responsible for stimulating all the conditions of the BSC Mainnet.