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Brief description of the bridge

Orbit Bridge, a decentralized liquidity bridge protocol, was launched in October 2020. Orbit Bridge, the consolidation of the efforts and technology of the Orbit Chain team, is playing a role as a driving force in technically solving the interoperability limitations of the fragmented blockchain ecosystem.

Supported currencies

Smart Contracts

ETH Layer 1
Vault contract: 0x1Bf68A9d1EaEe7826b3593C20a0ca93293cb489a
ETH farm: 0x1Ad72ff21Bc63ad09B4E333bA7e6BA666Bcfd36A
USDT farm: 0x378F1CD69e1012cfe8FbeAfFeC02630190fda4d9
DAI farm: 0xBe03a2569d10fd10bDbfE84f5f2E22D9cec4aCd0
USDC farm: 0x830433dE03ABedE062660CC629e1A2c714272474
WBTC farm: 0xd910f6F23889919fAd9C8cE3171dd557cE0308Da
locked WBTC: 170.08228122 wbtc

BSC Layer 1
Vault contract: 0x89c527764f03bcb7dc469707b23b79c1d7beb780
BNB farm: 0x8Aa1539fF621A328575e398a2F9702D3D8D48E4B
BUSD farm: 0xe8e66De7C3D1DfeC8F6b198dbb9c36fBE218daEc
CAKE farm: 0xb0d093bB2483da3B492067A3504f9Cb061cA5F8b
USDT-B farm: 0xB1b55c88798BD5CBfD7Dc144eD3BA55F1cb61746
KLAYTN vault: 0x9abc3f6c11dbd83234d6e6b2c373dfc1893f648d

HECO vault: 0x38C92A7C2B358e2F2b91723e5c4Fc7aa8b4d279F
XRP vault: rLcxBUrZESqHnruY4fX7GQthRjDCDSAWia
ICON vault: cxa82aa03dae9ca03e3537a8a1e2f045bcae86fd3f
MATIC vault: 0x506DC4c6408813948470a06ef6e4a1DaF228dbd5
CELO vault: 0x979cD0826C2bf62703Ef62221a4feA1f23da3777

Audits and Exploits

Here's official smart contract audit document by Theori.  Any exploits or bounty-program wasn't found. 


You can check info about TAX and FEE on this bridge. 

Bridge Token

1. Token Name: Orbit Chain
2. Ticker: ORC 
3. Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC-20)
4. Contract: 0x662b67d00a13faf93254714dd601f5ed49ef2f51
5. Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 ORC
6. Token Type: Utility & Governance

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