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Helix BETA

Bridge Developer: Helix Team

Audit: No

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Brief description of the bridge

Helix will provide a secure and convenient service for asset cross-chain users.

Supported currencies

Smart Contracts

Unfortunately, smart contracts wasn't found. If you find it, please, contact us at [email protected]

Audits and Exploits

We're not found any audits or exploits. If you find something or have any information about it, please, contact us at [email protected]


Limits wasn't found. If you find it, please, contact us to [email protected] (include the name of the bridge in the subject line of your e-mail)

Bridge Token

Bridge token wasn't found. If you have any information, please, contact us [email protected]


By using Helix, I agree to the following:

I understand that Helix is a bridge aggregator and is only responsible for routing the transfer to the selected bridge. Helix does not hold any funds in custody at any point.

I understand that the fees shown in a route are estimations and may vary.

I understand that the bridging time shown in a route is an estimation. Helix has no control over the bridging time. The bridge or protocol being used may sometimes take more time than the estimated time.

I understand that the app is in Beta and all risks associated with using it.

I am lawfully permitted to access this site and use Helix under the laws of the jurisdiction in which I reside and am located.

What is Crab?

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What is Polygon?

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